Jonathan Danko Kielkowski

Photography, Documentation

Concordia – Another View

Jonathan Danko Kiełkowski
GWH Verlag, Fürth, Germany, 2022

In January 2016, the artist book »Concordia« was published by White Press Verlag–it shows previously unpublished photographs from the inside of the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia. True to its title, the new supplementary volume »Another View« aims to provide a deeper insight and shed more "light" on the interior of the wreck than the photographs in the gloomy previous book could. An adventure report, a timeline, a psychedelic collage and a reprint of Prof. Dr. Christoph Schaden's 2015 text complement the many previously unpublished and republished photographs. Both publications are dedicated to the 32 victims and more than 4,000 survivors of the tragedy.


  • GWH Verlag, 2023 Fürth
  • 76 pages
  • 210 x 297 mm
  • 50 color images, various formats
  • Binding: Softcover, adhesive binding
  • Content: Digital printing, full-color throughout
  • Printed and handcrafted by PrintCom in Erlangen/Germany
  • Text: Jonathan Danko Kielkowski, Christoph Schaden
  • Design: Tim Kaufmann
  • Editing/Translation: Carl Polònyi
  • Language: German, English
  • Regular edition: 150 pieces, numbered and signed, price including shipping 30€
  • Collectors’ edition: 50 pieces, numbered and signed, with print in booklet format and handcrafted slipcase, price including shipping 150€