Jonathan Danko Kielkowski

Photography, Documentation


In my latest project, I explore Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, undergoing significant social, economic, and architectural changes since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. This photographic journey captures the diverse aspects of a country navigating between tradition and modernity, between East and West.

Since breaking away from the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has undergone substantial societal, economic, and architectural transformations. My photographs capture the dynamics of this change, illustrating how the country and its people are reinventing themselves. From bustling metropolises to vast steppe landscapes – each image tells the story of a nation continuously evolving while preserving its unique identity.

This project offers an in-depth look at contemporary Kazakhstan, a country moving forward with confidence and ambition. The photographs not only depict the impressive architectural development but also the cultural diversity and spirit of the Kazakh people. A nation in transition, captured in moments that reflect the tension and beauty of this process of transformation.


2017 - today