Jonathan Danko Kielkowski

Photography, Documentation


The Laces building, designed by kadawittfeldarchitektur, is a striking architectural masterpiece on the Adidas Campus in Herzogenaurach. The name "Laces" reflects the building's unique design: corridors, like laces, connect the various levels and departments, creating a dynamic and interconnected work environment. The building's open and transparent design fosters communication and creativity among employees.

Covering a total area of 62,000 square meters, the Laces building offers flexible workspaces, conference rooms, and an atrium that serves as a central meeting point. The facade, made of glass and concrete, gives the building a modern yet timeless appeal. The Laces building symbolizes not only the innovative power of Adidas but also marks a new era in office and workplace design.

On behalf of the Adidas Group, I have had the opportunity over the past few years to repeatedly photograph the building and document all areas of it.


Adidas Group


2014 - today